Osteoporosis treatment

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Osteoporosis treatment

Effective treatment of osteoporotic vertebral body fractures

Effective treatment of osteoporotic vertebral body fractures

Spinomed back braces start strengthening the muscles as soon as they are put on. Because, in contrast to standard corsets or girdles, they activate the muscles of the back and abdomen. As a result, the torso is kept permanently straight. Together with the back splint, the elastic stretch materials exert noticeable tension forces on the pelvic and shoulder areas. So if patients slump into a faulty posture (rounded back), their braces automatically exert gentle pressure to remind them of the correct posture. This process is called biofeedback.

Biofeedback principle

Treat osteoporosis successfully: Interview with Professor Minne

"Spinomed works because it increases muscle strength."

Professor Helmut W. Minne, MD was Medical Director of ‘Der Fürstenhof ’ Clinic in Bad Pyrmont, Germany from 1991 to 2010. During this time, he collaborated with medi in developing the Spinomed back brace. In this interview, Professor Minne describes the building blocks of osteoporosis treatment and why Spinomed orthoses are still a great success, even 20 years later.

Professor Dr Minne, how is osteoporosis treated?

“The patient can prevent further fractures by taking certain drugs. However, the future fracture risk should not only be reduced by improving bone biology: the risk of falls that cause fractures must also be lowered. For example, sleeping pills are one of the highest risk factors for sustaining osteoporotic fractures. They can impair coordination – for example, when getting out of bed – and thus lead to falls. Back braces can be used to lower the risk of osteoporotic fractures. The Spinomed orthosis strengthens the musculature and straightens the upper body. This increases the lung volume and reduces the shortness of breath associated with osteoporosis. Complete treatment also requires suitable pain management.”

Many years ago, you developed the Spinomed back brace with medi. How has the treatment of osteoporosis changed since then?

“The treatment options are already there, but they are not always used. We had orthoses before Spinomed was launched on the market. But the patients hardly wore them, because they were uncomfortable. In contrast, Spinomed was a genuine innovation and is still a very successful medical device for the treatment of osteoporosis today. The product is easy to put on and, most importantly, it works, because it increases the patients’ muscle strength. Compliance is excellent and, what’s more, huge strides have also been made in the development of drugs for the treatment of osteoporosis. Some drugs are given as an infusion. Vitamin D can also be injected, which saves patients from having to take yet another tablet. In contrast to earlier times, there are now many self-help groups, in which the patients train together and exchange news and views about their illness.”

How can surgical appliance retailers support patients?

“Human empathy is a decisive factor in dealing with patients with osteoporosis. As soon as somebody with a prescription for a back brace comes to the surgical appliance retailer, the member of staff in the surgical appliance retailer must remember that this person is in pain. Therefore, a friendly, empathic approach and competent advice on how the patient can cope with their illness are important. Patients also want surgical appliance retailers to give them advice on how best to deal with the activities of everyday living. With regard to the orthosis, this means: the surgical appliance retailer’s staff adjust the orthosis to the patient and also show the patient how easy it is to put on and take off.”

Professor Minne, thank you very much for talking to us.

The effect is scientifically proven

Spinomed stands for guideline-compliant care, the scientifically proven effect1-3 and many convinced users. Spinomed can be put on in less than 30 seconds, far more quickly than other back braces.4 medi has continually improved the comfort in wear in cooperation with doctors, specialist retailers and users. For instance, the preformed padded shoulder straps enable Spinomed to be put on like a rucksack. The breathable material and the soft tummy flap ensure comfortable, pleasant therapy. Further building blocks for guideline-compliant treatment of osteoporosis: medicines to increase the bone mass, a calcium-rich diet, vitamin D and regular physical exercise.

The back brace Spinomed

Here you will find further information about our back brace Spinomed.


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