Ankle supports

Walk safely with ankle supports: Modern ankle supports stabilise and ensure better blood circulation with their compressive knitted fabric and integrated massage pads. Swelling and pain can thus be reduced.

Ankle supports from medi

Walk safely with ankle supports

Ankle supports from medi are medical aids for soft tissue compression on the ankle. They can relieve painful conditions and stabilise the ankle joint. After an injury, they help the body heal and decrease swelling. medi ankle supports impress with their high quality and clever details.

If necessary, the doctor can prescribe ankle supports from medi on prescription. 

Ankle supports from medi: Support for the ankle

The ankle joint connects the lower leg with the foot. That is why it is particularly vulnerable to injury (see overview of ankle pain) by “turning over" when walking, jogging and running – also during sports. Sprains, external ligament tears and strains are often the result. Ankle supports support the healing process in many indications. Compression helps to reduce bruising and swelling, as well as relieve pain.  

Great wearing comfort and easy handling with ankle supports

medi ankle supports have soft comfort zones in the sensitive  flexion area – for great wearing comfort. Breathable and antibacterial materials transport moisture directly to the outside. They are easy to put on and take off – and sit securely on the ankle. The result: a stable, safe feeling for the patient, which in turn means better therapy compliance.