Achilles tendon supports

Achilles tendon supports are highly elastic and relieve pain, for example, after an injury or with an overloaded Achilles tendon.

Achilles tendon supports from medi

Quickly get back into “walking shape” with an Achilles tendon support

If the Achilles tendon is overloaded or injured, every movement hurts. Achilles tendon supports can support the healing process, impress users with clever details and allow easy handling. This gives a safe feeling and contributes significantly to patients’ therapy compliance. 

If necessary, the doctor can prescribe a medi Achilles tendon support. 

Achilles tendon support: Relief, stabilisation and gentle relief for irritated or inflamed Achilles tendon

medi Achilles tendon supports support the healing process for various injuries and symptoms, for example a acute or chronic Achilles tendonitis, achillodynia (irritation of the Achilles tendon) or achillobursitis (bursitis).  

medi Achilles tendon supports can be put on effortlessly. Thanks to the elastic material, they can be worn all day. Due to the Clima Comfort equipment, the supports are breathable and skin-friendly. Sweat is immediately discharged to the outside and evaporates.