Sinaqua wipes

Cleansing cloth

  • Ease for medical staff
  • Cleansing without water
  • Appropriable for the entire body

  Medical specifications

Washing without water - the entire body cleansing and care system for bedridden patients

The Sinaqua whole body cleansing and care system was developped to ease the washing process of bedridden patients. 
Thanks to Sinaqua the whole washing process will be optimised. The steps washing, drying and skin care will be combined to one single step. Thus can reduce time of washing by 40 percent. The patient individual usage makes for an optimised hygiene within the clinic. Germ spreading and cross-infections due to water and poorly rehashed washing utensils will be history. Sinaqua products are pre-moistened with a moisturising, hypoallergenic cleansing solution which rapidly and efficiently cleans the skin in a natural way and cares for the skin simultaneously. The ready to use single cloths can be used immediately without any need for preparation. Furthermore the cloths can be heated by micro wave or water bath to encrease patient comfort.


Product benefits

  • Sinaqua is a medical device class 1 (Guideline 93/42/EWG). The production takes place in special clean rooms according with the requirements of DIN EN ISO 9001 as well as DIN EN ISO 13485.

  • Easy and ready to use

  • Eases the washing process for medical staff

  • Time savings for clinics

  • Heatable to improve patient comfort

Intended purpose

The efficacy of Sinaqua has been clinically tested. As only worldwide producer Welcare provides open access to the corresponding studies. These can be found on  
The cleansing effect of Sinaqua is achieved by skin-related Phopholipides. These clean the skin rapidly and effectively in a natural way. The  natural skin lipid layer remains unchanged. Thus washing with Sinaqua is particularly kind to the skin. 
The cleansing solution of Sinaqua contains a high amount of skin caring substances as Aloe Vera leaf extract and Allantoin. These moisturise the skin during the washing process. Provitamine E protects the skin cell membrane from oxidation by free radicals. Vitamine B5 supports cell recreation and thus promotes wound healing, impedes inflammation and reduces itching. 
The high quality cloth captures debris and keeps it within the tissue savely. The cleansing and care solution does not drip. The patients surrounding stays dry, so that there is no need to change clothes due to wet bedding.
The soft cloths are comfortable to use and remain dimesionally stable. The area of contact of the cloth is particularly large so that the washing can be realised rapid and efficiently.


Material components

Aloe Vera Blattextrakt, Phospholipide, Allantoin


Sinaqua - single use cleansing cloth
Sinaqua Glove - single use cleansing glove
Sinaqua Shampoo Cap - The sinaqua system as shampoo cap for easing hair wash of bedridden patients significantly
Sinaqua Sol - The Sinaqua cleansing solution for the patients own washing glove

Medical specifications


  • Cleansing and care for the skin for bedridden patients
  • Can be used for predamaged skin
  • Impedes skin damage and irritation
  • Can also be used at eyes and mucous membrane

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