protect.Air Walker boot

  • Range of motion hinge
  • Available in 4 sizes
  • Hook and loop system
Product variety
Standard colours
Suitable for
Men's sizing
Women's sizing
Material components
Polyester, Nylon, PU-Foam, Fibreglass, Polyamide, Aluminium

Fixed walker - with additional option to inflate the booty

protect.Air Walker boot is lower leg brace. The product is exclusively to be used for the orthotic fitting of the foot and only on unbroken skin.

Product features
  • Single-chamber air system passes the ankle medially and laterally, extending to the forefoot.
  • Integrated air pump and air release valve to regulate easily the pressure
  • Flat, rounded, slip resistant sole can support a normal gait
  • Low total weight
  • Mouldable lateral articulated hinge bars to improve fit
  • Heel wedges (optional) Heel wedges for an adjustable heel height
Intended purpose

Lower-leg foot brace for immobilisation in a specified position.


All indications requiring a immobilisation in a pre-set position of the lower leg - foot - area such as:

  • Following injuries of the achilles tendon (postoperative / Nonsurgical)
  • For Stable foot and joint fractures, fracture postoperative care (Nonsurgical)
  • Following luxation of the upper ankle joint
  • Following  ligament-, soft tissue-, or tendon injuiries (postoperative / Nonsurgical)
  • Unstable fractures or fractures of the proximal tibia or fibula
Size table
shoe size EU36 - 3940 - 4444 - 46,546,5 +
article numberG.901.102G.901.103G.901.104G.901.105
protect.Air booties and protect.Walker wedgesSMLXL
shoe size EU36 - 3940 - 4444 - 46,546,5 +
article number protect.Air bootiesG.E12.012G.E12.013G.E12.014G.E12.015
article number protect.Walker wedgesG.E11.132G.E11.133G.E11.134G.E11.135
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