The new E+motion® soft support range

Function, sports and lifestyle – soft supports reinvented

New E⁺motion soft supports range from medi

medi and CEP: two strong brands united

Sport, strength and freedom reflect the lifestyle of active people, for whom "health" is the resource with the highest priority. medi offers the new soft support collection E+motion to the meet the highest expectations of medical efficacy and design of this demanding target group, which will become increasingly important for medical retailers in the future. The products with the tried and tested medi compression technology were developed together with the trend researchers at the medi sports label CEP.

The E+motion soft supports unite the strong premium brands medi and CEP in the segments medical devices and compression for sports and lifestyle. They offer medical retailers huge potential for positioning themselves as innovative healthcare providers with top products of premium quality.

The E⁺motion® range for the back, knee, elbow and ankle

The objective of treatment with medi supports: to get users back on their feet quickly. medi's compressive supports promote the healing process, stabilise and relieve stresses on the joints and reduce pain.

New Genumedi E⁺motion knee support

New Genumedi E⁺motion knee support

With the new, highly elastic support fabric, the Genumedi E+motion knee support stabilises the knee and is very comfortable to wear – especially over the sensitive flexor area of the knee. In combination with the compressive knit, the new silicone quartz pad with its 3D profile reduces swelling and relieves tension on the kneecap and pressure on the patellar ligament. The integrated silicone dot coating ensures a secure grip.

New Lumbamed plus E⁺motion – back brace

Lumbamed plus E⁺motion for the back

The Lumbamed plus E+motion for the back combines pure new merino wool with functional high-tech fibres. The effect: soothing warmth and a pleasant microclimate all year round. The users profit from a highly effective massage and pain relief thanks to the breathable silicone quartz pad with a 3D profile.

New Epicomed  E⁺motion elbow support

Epicomed E⁺motion for the elbow

In combination with the compressive knit, the Epicomed E+motion for the elbow with the new silicone quartz pad with its 3D profile reduces swelling and convinces users with its comfortable border. The pressure can be dosed individually with the optional strap.

New Levamed E⁺motion ankle support

Levamed E⁺motion for the ankle joint

Levamed E+motion for the ankle joint has a particularly thin and light silicone quartz pad with a 3D profile and a full medical effect. The thin pad makes it even more comfortable to wear for sports and in low shoes. Levamed E+motion is supplied with a donning aid.

E⁺motion® soft supports: new inner values for use in sports

The soft support range sets new standards in technology, comfort and fashion. Pure new merino wool in the lumbar brace ensures a comfortable microclimate. The new, highly elastic fabric of the Genumedi E+motion knee support is flexible enough for almost any sporting activity. The massage effect exerted by the new silicone quartz pad with its 3D profile intensifies the circulation to the tissues. Oedema is reduced more quickly and the healing process is accelerated.

The structured surface of the new pads was developed in co-operation with physiotherapists and medi's lymphology experts. In combination with the supports' knitted fabric, it increases the pressure in part and acts like gentle lymphatic drainage to reduce swelling better and more quickly. Top athletes, such as the professional skiers of the German Ski Association and the basketball players of the medi bayreuth German basketball league team, have already exhaustively tested the products.

Award-winning products: the E⁺motion® soft support range

The design and the trendy colours in azure + orange set optical highlights. The 2016 E+motion soft support collection has even been awarded two prizes: the design category of the iF Award and the Red Dot Design Award for the outstanding design.

The new E⁺motion® soft support range

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