Stabimed pro RICE KnieortheseStabimed pro RICE Knieorthese
Stabimed pro RICE Knieorthese RückansichtStabimed pro RICE Knieorthese Rückansicht
Stabimed pro RICE KnieortheseStabimed pro RICE Knieorthese
Stabimed pro RICE KnieortheseStabimed pro RICE Knieorthese

Stabimed® pro RICE

Short soft brace
  • Modular design allows for flexible use
  • Physiological guidance of the knee joint
  • Optional cooling function and compression
Product variety
Standard colours
Suitable for
Men's sizing
Women's sizing
Material components
Knee sleeve: Cotton, nylon
Blow-up inner cushion: Polyester, nylon
Air pump: Silicone, polyethene, synthetic rubber
Cooling compress: Propylene glycol, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, water
Joints: Aluminium, polyester

Short soft orthosis with protection against hyperextension, compression and a cooling function

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Thanks to the modular design, the indications for Stabimed® pro RICE are flexible. The polycentric joint allows the physiological guidance of the knee. The integrated compression can reduce swelling, while the cooling function can relieve pain. The Stabimed® pro RICE is suitable, if a reliable physiological guidance of the knee joint is necessary for therapy and/or the articular apparatus requires relief. This is, for example, the case:

  • for instability of the knee
  • after meniscus injuries
  • after endoprosthetic procedures
  • for osteoarthritis of the knee

Comment: the Stabimed® RICE is suitable for injuries requiring a limitation of the extension and flexion movements.

Pleasant cooling: for cooling the knee joint, two gel ice packs with a patella recess are included in the scope of supply. The compresses are anatomically preformed, exchangeable and reusable.

Targeted compression: the integrated compression function counteracts swelling. The enclosed pump is used to inflate the single-chamber air system and the pressure is regulated at the valve head.

The Stabimed® pro RICE soft orthosis made of soft material is very easy to apply and take off. Two wide padded straps ensure a secure hold and wearing comfort. Additional extension straps make it possible to provide care for thighs with a circumference of up to 90 cm.

Product features
  • Easy handling as the orthosis can be placed on the knee from  the front
  • High wearing comfort due to pleasantly soft material
  • The aluminium bars are individually adjustable and provide good stability
  • Polycentric hinge
  • Optional cooling and compression function
  • Single chamber air system with air pump incl. regulating button for an easy and  individual adjustment of  compression
  • Two cooling pads for changing during application
Intended purpose

Stabimed® pro RICE is a knee support brace without limitation of extension / flexion.


All indications which require a physiological guidance of the knee joint, such as:

  • knee instabilities
  • following meniscus injuries
  • following endoprostehtic intervention
  • osteoarthritis of the knee

None known at present

Size table

maximum circumference: 60 cm without strap extension - 90 cm with strap extension

15 cm6“5 cm2“
article numberG.180.000
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