Stabimed® RICE

Short soft brace with extension / flexion limitation

  • Modular construction for flexible use
  • Physiological guidance of the knee joint
  • Optional cooling function and compression

  Medical specifications

Stabimed® RICE short soft brace with extension / flexion limitation

Thanks to its modular construction, Stabimed® RICE can be used flexibly in treatment. Besides the physiological knee guidance, it offers an optional cooling function and possibilities for exerting specific compression. Stabimed® RICE is used for all indications that require reinforcement of the physiological stabilisation of the knee joint and/or stress relief of the joint, for example:

  • following injuries to the collateral ligaments
  • following meniscus injuries
  • following endoprosthetic procedures
  • for instability of the knee
  • for osteoarthritis of the knee

The cooling function is a special feature of the short soft orthosis: thanks to two exchangeable gel ice packs with a patellar opening, Stabimed® RICE allows an optional cooling of the joint, which can in turn reduce pain. The ice packs, which are supplied with the brace,  are anatomically preformed and reusable.

Another benefit is the integrated compression function. it can reduce swelling and prevent oedema. The single-chamber air system is simply inflated with the enclosed pump. The integrated valve head is used for individual pressure regulation. This way, the compression can be adapted to the needs of the user.

The aluminium splints, which allow a collateral stabilisation of the knee joint, are individually adjustable. The straightening and bending limitation (extension and flexion limitation) can be flexibly set to the needs of the user with the aid of the wedge set.

The Stabimed® RICE soft orthosis is simple to handle: it is placed on the knee from the front. Two wide straps provide the necessary fixation; these are easy to grip and are equipped with comfortable padding. In addition, strap extenders can be fitted for thigh circumferences of up to 90 centimetres. The soft material provides extra wearing comfort.


Product benefits

  • Easy handling as the orthosis can be placed on the knee from  the front
  • The aluminium bars are individually adjustable and provide good stability
  • Optional cooling and compression function
  • Single chamber air system with air pump incl. regulating button for an easy and  individual adjustment of compression
  • Two cooling pads for changing during application
  • Wedge set for a  extension / flexion limitation
  • High wearing comfort due to pleasantly soft material
  • Limitations:
    • Extension: 10°, 20°, 30°, 45°
    • Flexion:  45°, 60°, 75°, 90°
    • Immobilisation:  45°

Intended purpose

Stabimed® RICE is a knee support brace with limitation of extension / flexion.


Standard colours

Material components

Knee sleeve: Cotton, nylon
Blow-up inner cushion: Polyester, nylon
Air pump: Silicone, polyethene, synthetic rubber
Cooling compress: Propylene glycol, sodium carboxymethyl cellulose, water
Joints: Alluminium, polyester



One size

Medical specifications


All indications that require reinforcement of the physiological stabilisation of the knee joint and/or stress relief of the joint, such as:

  • following injury to the collateral ligament
  • following meniscal injury
  • following endoprostehtic intervention
  • for knee instability
  • for knee osteoarthritis


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