mJ-1 metropole®

Compression stockings in a wide range of colours
  • Wide range of colours for fashion-conscious women
  • Attractive silhouette thanks to the push-up panty top
  • Transparent look
Product variety
Standard colours
jet black
make up
Material components
AD: 34% elastane, 66% polyamide
AG: 34% elastane, 66% polyamide
AT: 38% elastane, 62% polyamide
Below-knee stocking
Thigh-length stocking

mJ-1 metropole® compression stockings: shape your silhouette

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Highlight your choice of outfit with selected colours – for irresistible radiance. The transparent and elegant mJ-1 metropole® matches almost all women's outfits: many colour shades and three different lengths offer a wide choice for ladies with healthy venous systems – as knee sock, thigh-length stocking and pantyhose. The latter shapes your silhouette with  the integrated push-up panty top.

Healthy side-effect: with mJ-1 metropole® your legs feel fit all day long. The platinum topband on the thigh-length stocking variant gives a secure grip – the flat seam and broad cuff make them comfortable to wear.

Ask your medical suppy store for the prescription-free compression stocking mJ-1 metropole®.

Product features
  • For her
  • So many colours that can be combined in so many ways to match every outfit.
  • Available as below-knee and  thigh-length stockings and pantyhose
  • Sheer, elegant look
  • The mJ-1 metropole knee stocking with flat seams and a wide cuff is particularly comfortable to wear
  • The mJ-1 metropole thigh-length stocking with its platinum topband ensures a firm hold
  • The mJ-1 metropole pantyhose model with its integrated push-up panty top has a shaping effect and ensures an attractive silhouette
  • Not prescribable by a pysician
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