Lipomed glandex compression garments aesthetical surgery

lipomed® glandex

Compression garments

  • Individually adjustable compression
  • Comfortable pressure distribution in the armpit
  • Inconspicuous under clothing

 Medical specifications

Specific compression treatment after surgical removal of the sweat glands

The optimum solution for compressive care of the armpits after removal of the sweat glands. Specific compression treatment is indispensible for successful treatment after surgical removal of the sweat glands and ensures healing of the armpits. lipomed glandex is equally suitable for the treatment of male and female patients.


Product benefits

  • The compression effect can be adjusted individually with the compression belt and its sliding extra padding.

  • The axillary pad for variable use completely fills the armpit and distributes the pressure evenly on the skin. This makes it feel so comfortable to wear.

  • The front fastener with its two possible positions is safe and simple to use thanks to the hook and eye strips and is inconspicuous under clothing.


Standard colours

Material components

45% elastane, 55% polyamide

Washing instructions

Washing programme 40°C, wash-and-wear, or gentle washing programme

Not suitable for tumble drying

Do not bleach
Do not iron
Do not dry clean



Medical specifications


  • Post-operative compression therapy after liposuction and liposculpture of the abdomen and chest

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