medi lymphpads arm

Lymph pads for the arm
  • loosen hardened tissues (fibrosis)
  • reinforce compression locally
  • for better pressure distribution
Product variety
Standard colours
Material components
Synthetic latex, free of CFC, PCP, nitrosaminenes, azo dye and extender

Lymph pads for local reinforcement of compression

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medi lymph pads arm are helpful accessories in the treatment of lymphoedema of the arm: they are incorporated in flat knit compression sleeves and support the treatment of lymphoedema of the arm by reinforcing compression locally and by improving pressure distribution. Hardenings of the connective tissue (fibrosis) can be loosened through their use.

The pads made of synthetic latex (free from CFC, PCP, nitrosamines, azo dyes and fillers) are particularly thin. Therefore, they do not attract attention under the compression stocking. The fine and breathable material not only makes the pads more comfortable to wear, but it is also kind to the patient's skin. The lymph pads are available in the variants finely napped, coarsely napped and ribbed.

The medi lymph pads arm are easy to use: the product is trimmed to the desired size and placed over the affected body region or directly incorporated in the flat knit compression garment. The arm compression sleeve can then be put on as normal.

Product features
  • Synthetic latex; does not contain CFCs, PCP, nitrosamines, azo dyes or bulking agents
  • Breathable
  • Permanently retains its shape
  • Minimal thickness
  • Can be trimmed to the right size
  • Washable up to 40°C
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