“Compression garments are part of my identity and make me feel good.”

Caroline Sprott, lipoedema patient

Caroline Sprott

“I was diagnosed with lipoedema in my early twenties. My legs were very painful, which is why my GP referred me to a vascular clinic. In hindsight, I am pleased that the illness was diagnosed so early on and that I started compression therapy at an early stage. I was really frightened when the illness progressed and affected my arms too. I felt restricted; I was jealous of my friend who was able to wear lovely clothes and looked great with her slim legs.
However, the diagnosis ultimately made me a strong person, even if the journey to this point was not always easy. The saleswoman at the medical supply store encouraged me and provided me with good advice. I discovered how comfortable and stylish compression garments can be. Nowadays I make sure I wear my compression garments with all my outfits. They are part of my identity and make me feel good.

The mediven 550 is my constant companion: strong, high-quality and supportive. The high level of wall stability makes me feel secure. Everything stays where it is supposed to. By accepting the illness and turning it into a positive, life with compression garments has helped me discover who I am now. That is why my message to lipoedema patients is to find their own way of dealing with the diagnosis, growing with the challenges and being happy.”