circaid Unterziehstrumpfcircaid Unterziehstrumpf
circaid Unterziehstrumpfcircaid Unterziehstrumpf

circaid® liner

Undersleeves for additional wearing comfort
  • High wearing comfort
  • Available in different options
Product variety
Standard colours
Material components
circaid undersleeve: 94% Cotton, 6% Elastane
circaid undersleeve silver-coloured: 91% Polyester, 5% Nylon, 4% Elastane

Additional comfort for circaid compression garments

circaid undersleeves and undersocks offer additional comfort for compression garments. They are easy to apply and are worn under the circaid compression garments. Thanks to the different variants and materials, they fit all individual needs.

Note: Does not provide therapeutical compression.

Product features
  • Can be worn directly against the skin underneath circaid products
  • Extra comfort
  • Note: does not provide therapeutic compression


Leg versions
• circaid undersleeves (without foot)
- lower leg
- whole leg
- lower leg, silver-coloured

• circaid undersock (with foot)
- lower leg
- lower leg, silver-coloured

Arm versions
• circaid undersleeve arm with thumb opening