medi Soft OA light Produktbildmedi Soft OA light Produktbild
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medi soft oa lightmedi soft oa light
medi Soft OA light Produktbildmedi Soft OA light Produktbild

medi Soft OA light

Lightweight soft orthosis for varus/valgus pressure relief
  • Individually adjustable varus/ valgus relief Patented dynamic strap tightening system
  • Simple handling with slip-in wrap construction
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Material components
Polyamide, poliurethane, polyester, lycra, aluminum

medi Soft OA light: lightweight soft orthosis with integrated 3-point pressure relief principle

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With the aid of a strap system, medi Soft OA light provides an individually adjustable varus and valgus relief. It is equipped with a patented strap tightening system that allows an adaptive relief of the knee joint. In doing so, the soft orthosis relieves the knee specifically when it is under stress. The combined slip-in wrap construction enables a problem-free handling and adaptation to the user's personal needs.

The 3-point pressure relief principle is based on the patented strap system of the medi Soft OA light. This is a special construction for relief of the lateral or medial compartment, especially during moments of maximum stress, when the leg is fully straightened. The soft brace is suitable for all indications that need unicompartmental relief based on the 3-point pressure relief principle and an additional physiological guidance of the knee joint, for example:

medi Soft OA light supports guidance of knee movements: it acts against the leg swinging out sideways into painful malalignment. The painful side of the knee joint (medial or lateral) can be relieved by the 3-point pressure relief principle. This is, for example, necessary in the case of bow legs or knock knees. Relief of the knee joint ensures pain reduction and can increase the patient's mobility.

medi Soft OA light is characterised by its simple handling. The combination of a slip-in construction for the calf and a wrap mechanism for the thigh allows the user to apply it easily, quickly position it correctly and secure it on the leg. With the wrap construction, the user can adjust it individually to the thigh. medi Soft OA light convinces with its sophisticated design, which guides the straps away from the sensitive hollow of the knee: uncomfortable pressure is thus purposefully avoided. This makes the soft knee brace suitable for everyday use and especially comfortable for the user. The slender design and a comprehensive wedge set for optional individual limitation of straightening and bending (extension and flexion limits) round off medi Soft OA light. medi Soft OA is a good choice for people looking for additional support: thanks to the two additional straps, it provides more stability and guidance.

Product features
  • Relief of the lateral or medial compartment using the 3-point-principle
  • Easy to use: The combined slip in -  wrap design enables easy don and a quick first alignment and fixation on the leg
  • Adaptation to the individual: The divided wrap fastening on the upper leg makes fastening easy and enables the device to be adapted to different shaped thighs
  • Correct fit: An opening in the patellar region guides the fitting to support that the brace is fitted correctly.
  • Easy and adaptable load relief: Patients can manually adjust the straps to reach the desired level of relief. The numbered scale provides orientation
  • Knee comfort zone: The sophisticated design guides the straps outside the sensitive popliteal area not to exert any uncomfortable pressure. The integrated soft and breathable material inside the comfort zone provides that the brace is pleasant and comfortable to wear.
  • Bilateral hinges and the silicone dot coating support secure fit to the leg
  • Comprehensive set of wedges for individual extension and flexion limitation, where needed
  • The removable strap endings and straps can be cut on request and provides individual adaptation to the patient
  • Limitations:
    - Extension:  -5° 0°, 10°, 20°, 30°, 45°
    - Flexion: 0°, 10°, 20°, 30°, 45°, 60°, 75°, 90°, 120°
    - Immobilisation:   0°, 10°, 20°, 30°, 45°
Intended purpose

Knee brace for relief of the knee joint.


All indications requiring unicompartimental relief by 3 point principle and additional physiological guidance such as:

  • Unilateral osteoarthritis
  • Meniscus intervention
  • Combined lateral and medial osteoarthitis
The new medi OA-range
Relief principle of the medi osteoarthritis orthoses
medi Soft OA light – Instruction video for patients
What is osteoarthritis (OA)?
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