“My compression garments are a key part of my everyday life.”

Ramona Wanderer, lipoedema patient

Ramona Wanderer

“I found out about my lipoedema by chance 15 years ago when someone in a specialist shop recommended that I see a doctor. Then the shock came: I had stage-two lipoedema. I struggled with the diagnosis at first and did not wear my compression garments.

I got to know Caroline Sprott at a video shoot in 2018. She was a model; I was a make-up artist. She told me about medical compression stockings that look fashionable and don’t restrict her. That is when I let my prejudices go and finally engaged with the topic.
I received a lot of support from the community: Tips, hearing about experiences, inspiring statements. These people understand me without me having to change myself or hide who I am. My compression garments have now become a key part of everyday life and have helped me gain self-confidence. I have significantly less pain, especially after long days that are packed with appointments. Since I travel a lot with work and do a lot in my spare time, the medical compression stockings need to be up to the job and never let me down.

The new mediven cosy is my favourite: It clings to my legs in a naturally comfortable way, is flexible and gives me maximum freedom to move about. Nothing slips, pinches or constricts. The stockings simply fit perfectly and keep up with my everyday life.”