Dr Konstanze Kuchenmeister shares her recipe for a positive life

Never give up and always look to the future

Dr Konstanze Kuchenmeister

Take responsibility for your own happiness!

Never give up and always look to the future: Those are the words that Dr Konstanze Kuchenmeister lives by. She is a mother of four, wife, doctor, lymphoedema patient and also an inspiration for many women throughout the country. Whether you are experiencing a similar condition or a wish to lead your own life in a more positive and active way – Dr Konstanze Kuchenmeister’s open and honest words provide motivation and comfort.

A moving story meets an impressive zest for life

The life history of this Nuremberg-based gynaecologist is poignant. Shortly after the birth of her twins in 2004 she was diagnosed with cervical cancer. Konstanze battled with the illness bravely, went through an operation and chemotherapy, remained a caring mother and wife and, at the same time, was setting up her own practice. Just when she thought she had beaten cancer, the doctors diagnosed her with a brain tumour – a tough setback but, once again, Konstanze fought back and won. Working together with successful novelist Hera Lind, she has written about her story. With her experiences, she wants to inspire others not to give up and find their own recipe for happiness. The key to living in a way that is true to yourself? Know your own dreams, discover your potential and find the right support.

The steps to happiness

People who want to change their lives, overcome crises and live a better life, need to do one major thing: Take the initiative and “just” start. Many steps on the way to finding happiness are in your head. Dr Konstanze Kuchenmeister advises us gain awareness of what we want from life. Where are we heading on our journey? It’s essential to visualise your own dreams and leave the old stuff behind. If you know exactly what you want and are free of baggage, it’s much easier to achieve your goals. Whilst putting this to practice, it helps to think in small steps, celebrate every step on the way to success and not put yourself too much under pressure. Meditation, breathing exercises and relaxation techniques help too.

A healthy mind is in a healthy body

You are what you eat: A healthy diet and exercise are the basis for staying energised. If you take care of your body, you will feel better in yourself, you will be able to overcome challenges more easily and enjoy everyday life without any worries.

Lipoedema and lymphoedema patients in particular can benefit from healthy nutrition. Dr Konstanze Kuchenmeister’s golden rule: when shopping, choose fresh, unprocessed food products. But also eat mindfully – put your smartphone to one side, set the table nicely and enjoy your food. Particularly if you are eating alone, you will then experience the mealtime more intensively and stay full for longer too.

Alongside the right nutrition, getting enough exercise is a key element on the journey to wellbeing. The type of sport you choose does not matter according to Dr Konstanze Kuchenmeister. The right approach is to do what’s fun and motivates you so you can continue it in the long term.

The concerns of lipoedema and lymphoedema patients

Many lipoedema and lymphoedema patients ask Dr Konstanze Kuchenmeister for advice about contraception. The gynaecologist explains everything and reassures her patients. The most important message: Patients should have a thorough understanding of their own bodies and be aware of the interactions of the hormones – particularly with regard to hormonal contraception. Scientists suspect that there is a link between lipoedema and the influence of female sex hormones: Symptoms often first occur in puberty or during pregnancy. Dr Konstanze Kuchenmeister is therefore sceptical about hormonal contraception and recommends patients use alternative contraceptive methods. People who use hormonal contraception should observe their bodies closely, make a note of any changes and speak to their doctor. This advice applies to all women – and lipoedema and lymphoedema patients in particular. A confidential consultation with your doctor can also help with pregnancy in order to correctly assess the changes in the body.

Accepting help means you are truly strong

Since being diagnosed with lymphoedema, Dr Konstanze Kuchenmeister has one essential aid: her compression stockings. For her, putting them on first thing in the morning means starting the day well – and staying active. Generally, the gynaecologist advises patients to learn to accept help. This is because people who make positive changes in their lives and know what they want are not alone. Mutual support from friends and family is valuable and brings joy: Together we’re stronger!