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Adjustable compression in the treatment of venous leg ulcers


circaid juxtacures: Adjustable compression in the treatment of venous leg ulcers

Customisation for trained staff

Donning and doffing instructions

Adjustable, measurable, readjustable

The simple donning and doffing of circaid juxtacures saves time and empowers the patient to actively support the therapy. By using the unique Built-In-Pressure system the therapeutic compression level can be set precisely.
The enclosed measuring card allows the user to control the compression and to readjust it at any time.

Further information on areas of use and product features can be found here.

The giraffe as inspiration by nature: History of the circaid products

The wife of the founder of circaid suffered from lymphoedema for years. The engineer and inventor absolutely wanted to help her and sprang into action himself. The result was the first patented circaid leg garment. The particular: The giraffe skin served the inventor as a model for an imaginative compression system.

Giraffes and compression – the whole story

The giraffe as inspiration by nature: History of the circaid products

Effective therapy chain for the treatment of leg ulcers

The medi Therapy Concept Leg Ulcer allows for a guideline-compliant and individual care of patients suffering from venous leg ulcer. The concept considers all therapeutic relevant steps:

  • Wound Debridement - only a clean wound is able to heal.
  • Therapy for the underlying disease - because: no healing without compression.
  • Prevention of recurrence - to maintain the successful therapeutic outcome.


Further information on the medi Therapy Concept Leg Ulcer can be found here.

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