Mediven 550 arm compression stockings edema

mediven® 550 arm

Compression sleeves

  • Suitable for oedema up to stage 3
  • Fashionable variety: 13 colours, 3 Design-Elements
  • Special extras for a perfect fit

 Medical specifications

Compression garment with maximum wall stability for arms

A sleeve that is suitable for oedema up to stage 3 that still looks stylish? Both are possible with the mediven 550 arm! The efficient effect is due to our flat knit fabric with maximum pressure stability. At the same time, the material is comfortable to wear and is matched individually to your anatomy.
Never before has there been such variety in the treatment of oedema: mediven 550 arm is available in 13 trendy colours and with unique Design-Elements on request.


Product benefits

  • Highest working pressure

  • Over 2,100 possible combinations with special extras, e. g. flexure functional zone for the elbow

  • Numerous variants, e.g. arm cuffs for double and multi-part garments

  • Fashionable variety: four standard colours, nine trend colours and three unique design elements


Standard colours

Trend colours


  • Arm support with hand
  • Arm support without hand
  • Armsleeve
  • Glove
  • Made-to-measure

Material components

CCL 1:
12% elastane, 88% polyamide

CCL 2:
16% elastane, 84% polyamide

CCL 3:
26% elastane, 74% polyamide

Washing instructions

Easy-care: Suitable for washing machine and dryer.
40 °C reduced cycle.
Do not dry clean.
Do not use chlorine bleach.
Do not iron.
Tumble dry at low setting.



Only made-to-measure


Plain-coloured (without pattern) 
Standard and trend colours

Plain-coloured, patterned (design element) 
Patterns: Live Laugh Love, Sporty and Timeless in all standard and trend colours

Glove (AD)
Glove (AE)
Armsleeve with hand (AF)
Armsleeve with hand (AG)
Armsleeve without hand (CD)
Armsleeve without hand (CE)
Armsleeve without hand (CF)
Armsleeve without hand (CG)
Arm cuff (DF)
Arm cuff (DG)
Arm cuff (EG)
Arm cuff (FG)

Medical specifications


  • Primary and secondary lymphoedema stages 1, 2 and 3
  • Lipoedema stages 1, 2 and 3
  • Elephantiasis
  • Keloid treatment, e.g. after burns
  • Postoperative and post-traumatic oedema

Further information

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mediven flat knit Fashion-Elements – Enjoy every moment.

mediven flat knit combines function and design in an original and unique way.

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