Circaid Juxtalite

circaid® juxtalite® ankle foot wrap

Compression for the foot and ankle

  • Simple donning
  • Optimum combination with circaid juxtalite lower leg
  • Latex-free, skin-friendly material

Adaptive compression garment for more compression of the foot.

The circaid juxtalite foot offers additional compression for the foot, which makes it the optimum add-on for circaid juxtalite. The individual Velcro straps are easy to close and offer comfortable compression. The odour-inhibiting material ensures a pleasant microclimate for the feet.


Product benefits

  • Pleasant and comfortable to wear thanks to the active breathing material with its antibacterial effect

  • Easy to put on

  • Recommended in combination with circaid juxtalite

  • Can be trimmed individually to the patient's needs by the therapist or specialist dealer

  • Suitable for both the left and right feet


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Medical specifications

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