Circaid Juxtafit

circaid® juxtafit® essentials glove

Additional compression for the hand and fingers.

  • Compresses the hand including fingers
  • Simple handling ideal for self-management
  • Different styles available

  Medical specifications

Adjustable made-to-measure compression garment for the hand and the fingers

The circaid juxtafit essentials glove wrap provides additional compression for the hand including the fingers. Due to the individual bands it is easy to handle and is therefore ideal for self-management. To guarantee an optimum fit and matching the individual requirements it is available as made-to-measure and in different variants also with dorsum strap for additional compression of the dorsum of the hand.

circaid® juxtafit® essentials glove is available in the following options:

  • Glove
  • Glove with sewed-on dorsum strap
  • Glove with separate dorsum strap
  • Open palm glove
  • Open palm glove with sewed-on dorsum strap

It is recommended to always wear the circaid juxtafit essentials glove in combination with a circaid arm garment (e.g. circaid juxtafit).


Product benefits

  • Compresses the hand, including fingers
  • Easy handling
  • Includes a removal band to make removal easier
  • Available as made-to-measure for optimum fit

Intended purpose

The compression system is designed to provide compression to the hand for patients with venous and lymphatic disorders. 


Standard colours


  • Made-to-measure

Material components

circaid juxtafit essentials glove:
68% Nylon
22% Polyurethane
10% Elastane

circaid juxtafit essentials glove removable strap
57% Nylon
39% Polyurethane
4% Elastane

circaid juxtafit essentials glove with dorsum strap
65% Nylon
26% Polyurethane
9% Elastane

circaid juxtafit essentials open palm glove
73% Nylon
17% Polyurethane
10% Elastane

circaid juxtafit essentials open palm glove with dorsum strap
72% Nylon
18% Polyurethane
10% Elastane




Glove With Dorsum Strap
Glove With Open Palm 

Medical specifications


  • Lymphoedema
  • other forms of oedema
  • Lipoedema

Further information

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circaid® juxtafit® arm open palm glove

circaid® juxtafit® arm glove



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