medi Shoulder action

medi Shoulder action

Shoulder support with movement-limiting function

  • Strap system prevents vulnerable movements
  • Easy donning and individually adjustable
  • High level of wearing comfort, even during physical activities

  Medical specifications

medi Shoulder action as dynamic stabiliser

The medi Shoulder action is a shoulder support with defined limitation of the range of movement. The clever strap system prevents harmful joint movements sideways away from the body (abduction) and harmful outward turning of the arm (external rotation) and also limits how far the arm can be lifted forwards (anteversion), whilst at the same time ensuring that controlled movements are possible. Thus, the shoulder support acts as a dynamic stabiliser that strikes the balance between stabilisation and mobilisation.

medi Shoulder action also ensures a high level of wearing comfort during increased activity or physical stresses in sport. It is simple to put on and can also be worn under loose clothing.

The medi Shoulder action support is used for all indications which require reinforcement and stabilisation of physiological shoulder joint movement. This is, for example, the case in mild to moderate instability of the shoulder joint. The support is also used for stabilisation after acute and multiple (habitual) dislocation of the shoulder (subluxation or dislocation of the shoulder), if this is treated conservatively (without an operation). The shoulder brace can also be used in the second phase of treatment after surgery for instability of the shoulder.

medi Shoulder action guarantees adequate basic movements. At the same time, the individually adjustable strap system prevents vulnerable movements by setting the limitation of movement. The strap between the chest and the arm can be selected from two different strap lengths. The shorter variant limits movement more. Furthermore, fine adjustment of this dynamic stabilisation is possible by the individually adjustable pretension of the straps. The thin breathable material ensures pleasant wearing properties. Thus medi Shoulder action is also eminently suitable as a shoulder support for everyday activities and for when returning to sporting activities.


Product benefits

  • Allows basic mobility within allowed range of motion and prevents vulnerable movements
  • Thin and breathable material for good wearing comfort even during high sportive activity
  • Simple application without additional help
  • Easy adjustment of the orthosis
  • Possibility to wear the product beneith wide cut clothes directly on the skin

Intended purpose

medi Shoulder action is a shoulder joint brace with defined limitation of the range of motion.


Standard colours

Material components

Polyamide, elastane






Medical specifications


All indications which require reinforcement and stabilisation of physiological shoulder joint movement, such as:

  • Mild to middling instability of the shoulder joint
  • Conservative treatment following acute and habitual dislocated shoulder or subluxation
  • 2. Rehabilitation phase following operative therapy for shoulder instability


  • All indications that require positioning in abduction or external rotation

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