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medi SAK®

Shoulder support for positioning in 10° to 60° abduction
  • Immobilisation of the arm and relief of the shoulder
  • The abduction angle can be individually adjusted between 10° and 60°
  • extra upper arm wedge
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medi SAK® shoulder support for secure positioning of the arm

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medi SAK® is a shoulder support for immobilisation of the arm and relief of the shoulder with the arm held away from the body (abduction). The degree of abduction of the shoulder joint can be set individually between 10° and 60°, allowing the shoulder to be positioned at the selected angle during the healing process. The upper arm wedge keeps the arm securely positioned at all times, while it is bedded comfortably on the inflatable cushion.

The medi SAK® shoulder support is used when immobilisation of the shoulder joint in abduction is required. Examples of indications:

  • after rotator cuff repair
  • humeral head fractures (nonsurgical, postoperative)
  • after insertion of shoulder prosthesis
  • after stabilization of acromioclavicular joint dislocations
  • after biceps tenodesis
  • impingement syndrome (nonsurgical, postoperative)

The secure positioning of the arm at the defined abduction angle relieves the shoulder. The subacromial space is also temporarily relieved through the use of the medi SAK®. The fully adjustable degree of abduction provided by the support also promotes the therapeutic course. The medi SAK® shoulder abduction cushion also provides for passive mobilisation of the arm. This facilitates the early functional treatment.

medi SAK® offers a high degree of functionality and is very comfortable to wear: While the arm is securely bedded on the abduction cushion, the ring straps around the neck reduce tension on the head/neck region. Thanks to high-quality fastening mechanisms that are easy to operate, medi SAK® can be put on and taken off by the user without assistance. The ergonomic design of the hand rest and the soft padding material also ensure it is comfortable to wear.

Product features
  • Lateral positioning in abduction to immobilize and relieve the stress on injured structures.
  • Secure immobilisation in a defined abduction position (from 10° - 60°) and load relief on the shoulder.
  • Secure positioning of the upper arm in an abduction position using the upper arm wedge.
  • ergonomic design of handrest.
  • High quality fastening mechanisms and padding material.
  • Can be put on and taken off without help.
Intended purpose

Shoulder joint support for immobilisation and stress relief.


All indications requiring immobilization of the shoulder joint in abduction such as:

  • After rotator cuff repair
  • Humeral head fractures (nonsurgical, postoperative)
  • After insertion of shoulder prosthesis
  • After stabilization of acromioclavicular joint dislocations
  • After biceps tenodesis
  • Impingement syndrome (nonsurgical, postoperative)
  • All indications that specifically require internal rotation
medi SAK® shoulder abduction cushion – Instruction for medical staff
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