medi Jeans

Knee immobilisation brace

  • Immobilisation in extended (0°) or flexed (30°) position
  • Easy donning and doffing thanks to the open wrap design
  • Pleasant, skin-friendly material, washable

  Medical specifications

medi Jeans: knee immobilisation at 0° or 30°

medi Jeans is a brace, with which the knee can be fixed either in an extended (0°) position or in a flexed position at a angle of 30°. Therefore two variants are available depending on which position the knee is to be immobilised in. The open wrap design makes it easy to don and doff – without having to flex the knee. Furthermore, the medi Jeans brace is very comfortable to wear due to the pleasant, skin-friendly and washable material.

The medi Jeans knee brace can be used for all indications, in which it is necessary to immobilise the knee joint in an extended or flexed position. This is, for example, indicated after the following diagnoses:

  • following ligament injuries (posttraumatic / postoperative)
  • following meniscus injuries (posttraumatic / postoperative)
  • following tendon injuries (posttraumatic / postoperative)
  • following dislocations of the patella
  • following fractures around the knee joint

The immobilisation of the knee joint can lead to a reduction in pain and thus contribute to improved well-being for the patient. The wrap design and the skin-friendly material ensure that the medi Jeans knee immobilisation brace is particularly convenient to handle and comfortable to wear. Moreover, it is washable.

The removable stabilisation bars in the medi Jeans brace allow it to be easily dismantled, for example, before washing. At the same time, the bars can be adapted to the individual anatomical needs of the wearer. They complement the wearing comfort of the knee immobilisation brace.

  • This is supported by your health insurance
  • Prescribed by a doctor


Product benefits

  • Immobilisation in extended (0°) position or in flexed position (30°)
  • The immobilisation of the knee joint can lead to a reduction in pain
  • Open wrap design makes it easy to put on and take off - no bending of the knee required
  • Comfortable, skin friendly and washable material
  • Removable and adjustable stabilisation bars

Intended purpose

Knee brace for immobilisation.


Standard colours

Material components

Aluminum, cotton, PU foam, polyester



S – L



Medical specifications


All indications requiring immobilization of the knee joint in extended / bended position such as:

  • Following ligament injuries (posttraumatic / postoperative)
  • Following meniscus injuries (posttraumatic / postoperative)
  • Following tendon injuries (posttraumatic / postoperative)
  • Following patella dislocations
  • Following fractures around the knee 


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