medi footsupport High Heels

Super thin foot orthotic that provides excellent comfort
  • Extra thin
  • Flexible shell
  • Shock absorption
Product variety
Material components
1 Hydrofresh, aubergine
2 Top flex (15° Shore A), magenta
3 Multi-layered, flexible shell
4 Leather fibre, black

A super thin foot orthotic that provides excellent comfort

These foot orthotics offer excellent support and comfort in high heels, pumps and other heeled shoes.

Product features
  • Medium arch support.
  • An extra thin foot orthotic for high heels.
  • The innovative base cover consisting of recycled leather, enables the foot orthotic to be inserted into the shoe easily.
  • The Hydrofresh top cover ensures a fresh climate in the shoe.
  • Highly flexible shell to support the longitudinal arch.
  • Focused shock absorption in particularly stressed zones by memory foam.
  • Extra thin, especially in the forefoot, for perfect comfort within the shoe.
  • Heat moldable: with care.
Intended purpose

Foot orthotics are medical devices for specific malposition’s or poor alignment of the patients’ feet.

Goal setting
medi foot orthotics (medical devices) for the functional care/treatment of foot deformities.
  • Pes planus
  • Mild Pes valgus