medi footsupport High Heels pro

Foot orthotic for comfort in heeled shoes
  • Extra thin
  • Flexible support
  • Shock absorption
Product variety
Material components
1 Hydrofresh, berry
2 Top Flex (15° Shore A), magenta
3 Metatarsal pad
4 Multi-layered, flexible shell
5 Leather fibre, black

A super thin foot orthotic that provides excellent comfort in heeled shoes.

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Are you looking for more comfort and improved fit in heeled shoes?

The medi footsupport High Heels pro offers excellent support and comfort in women's heeled business shoes. It is extra thin, especially in the forefoot, for a perfect fit within your heels. For a fresh climate in the shoe, it has a functional Hydrofresh top cover. While the base cover, consisting of recycled leather, guarantees a stable but flexible fit, the memory foam absorbs shock in particularly stressed zones. A small pad located beneath the midfoot supports the transverse foot arch.

Product features
  • Extra thin for perfect comfort in women's heeled business footwear.
  • Easily inserted in the shoe due to the base cover.
  • The functional Hydrofresh top cover ensures a fresh climate in the shoe.
  • Highly flexible orthotic shell to support the foot arches.
  • Focused shock absorption in particularly stressed zones by memory foam.
  • Integrated pad to support the transverse foot arch.
Intended purpose

medi foot orthotics (medical devices) for the functional care / treatment of foot deformities.

  • Pes planus
  • Mild Pes valgus
  • Mild Pes transverse planus