medi Easy sling

Shoulder support for positioning in internal rotation
  • Immobilisation of the shoulder joint in internal rotation
  • three different wearing options possible
  • additional waist belt for a more secure fixation during the night
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medi Easy sling support for immobilisation of the shoulder joint

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The medi Easy sling is a support that is used to immobilise the shoulder joint in internal rotation. Three different wearing options of the support are possible for an individual adaptation to the user as required. For example, the joint can be held more securely during the night by using an additional waist belt.

The medi Easy sling support is used for all indications requiring immobilisation of the shoulder joint in internal rotation, such as:

  • nonsurgical treatment after anterior shoulder dislocation and /or chronic subluxation
  • after rotator cuff repair
  • acromioclavicular joint dislocation (nonsurgical, postoperative)
  • scapula fractures (nonsurgical, postoperative)
  • fractures of the humerus head (nonsurgical, postoperative)

The medi Easy sling gives the user three different wearing and fixing options depending on his or her needs: during the night, an additional waist belt ensures a more secure fixation of the arm. During the day, elements can be removed from the support - to enable the patient to regain a gentle, controlled mobility.  A further wearing option of the support relieves the neck and shoulders during the day: This can reduce the tension on the neck and shoulder, while the shoulder joint remains immobilised. 

The high-quality padding material of the shoulder support ensures that it is comfortable to wear. The medi Easy sling is available in two different sizes for a good fit.

Product features
  • Positioning of the shoulder- and elbow joint  in internal rotation to secure against unwanted joint movement.
  • Three different models in total.
  • Secure fixation during the night can be effected by using the additional stomach belt.
  • Model for relieving stress on the neck.
  • High-quality padding material.
Intended purpose

Shoulder joint support for immobilising the shoulder in a defined position.

Goal setting

Place the shoulder strap over the neck in such a way that both ends are of equal length. Wrap one end of the strap around your wrist and fasten it tightly. Now wrap the other end of the strap around your forearm and also fasten it tightly. This is how the product should be worn during the day.
At night, wrap the wide waist strap around your stomach and tie it. The shoulder strap can now be attached to the waist strap using the hook and loop fastener attached.


All indications requiring immobilization of the shoulder joint in internal rotation, such as:

  • Nonsurgical treatment after anterior shoulder dislocation and /or chronic subluxation
  • After rotator cuff repair Acromioclavicular joint dislocation  (nonsurgical, postoperative)
  • Scapula fractures (nonsurgical, postoperative)
  • Fractures of the humerus head  (nonsurgical, postoperative)
  • All indications that specifically require abduction and/ or external rotation
medi Easy sling shoulder immobilisation support – Instructions for patients
medi Easy sling shoulder immobilisation support - Instructions for medical staff
Size table
shoulder belt (cm)150190
body height (cm)up to 185over 185
article numberR.030.G02R.030.G04
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