“I want to lead an independent and active life.”

Tanja Krug, lipoedema and lymphoedema patient

Tanja Krug

“In 2015 I injured my cruciate ligament and received treatment from a physiotherapist. She expressed the concern that I might be suffering from lipoedema. A doctor then diagnosed me with stage-two lipoedema in the lower extremities. I have also since developed stage-two lipoedema in the upper extremities and early stage-two lymphoedema in the lower extremities.

The initial period after the diagnosis was very difficult and I felt a bit overwhelmed. I gradually began to understand what impact this illness would have on my life. I now try to enjoy the good aspects of life. I don’t want to let my life be dictated by lipoedema and lymphoedema. Instead, I want to lead an independent and active life. My family and friends support me in doing so. Talking to other people affected by the condition is helpful for me.
Compression is also important for me. It is not always easy for me to wear compression garments. On the other hand, I feel better when I am wearing compression garments because they help me to manage my everyday life more effectively. I find it particularly great that medical compression stockings are available in lots of fashionable colours and patterns. This means that I can also wear dresses and skirts because the right flat knit hosiery is available for every outfit. My medical compression stockings are very comfortable to wear. The flexible, soft material provides me with relief whilst also applying the necessary pressure at the same time. Thanks to the compression garments I am more confident; I enjoy going out in public and even trying out trendy outfits sometimes.”