protect.Heel wedge

Heel wedges
  • Comfortable cushioning and support
  • 100% medical-technical inoffensive silicone
Product variety
Suitable for
Men's sizing
Women's sizing
Material components
100% medical-technical inoffensive silicone

Silicone heel wedge

protect.Heel wedge is a medical heel wedge. The product is exclusively to be used for the orthotic treatment of feet and only on unbroken skin.

Product features
  • cushioning of the heel
  • anatomically shaped
  • skin-friendly and non-slip
  • made of high quality silicone
  • washable material

Soft cushion and a soothing massage effect on heel area.

Intended purpose

Medical device for specific malposition’s or poor alignment of the patients’ feet.

Goal setting
medi foot orthotics (medical devices) for the functional care/treatment of foot deformities.

The product serves to cushion the foot in various anatomical and functional areas to treat complaints, injuries and pain of various aetiologies in the forefoot, midfoot and hindfoot.


Currently unknown. If necessary, the product should not be used in direct contact with the skin if the user has a known silicone allergy. Equally, the product may not be worn on open wounds on the foot. If the patient presents with an unsteady gait, the product should be implemented under close observation by the therapeutic team. In the event of clear signs of critical gait characteristics, the products being evaluated should cease to be used in these circumstances, in order to prevent the patient from falling.

Absolute Contraindications

None known at present