protect.Clavicle support

Clavicle support

  • Easy opening and closing
  • Skin-friendly

 Medical specifications

Support for the clavicle

protect.Clavicle support is a brace for the clavicle. The product is
exclusively to be used for the orthotic fitting of the collarbone and only on
unbroken skin.


Product benefits

  • Great safety during therapy: the material ensures safe positioning of the bandage – stretching is impossible, so no tightening or adjusting is necessary

  • Easy opening and closing

  • Friendly to the skin: the air-permeable cotton cover is pleasant to wear on the skin especially in the sensitive armpit area

  • Flat fastener is almost not felt while lying on the back

How does it work?/Mode of action

Secure and stable fixation of the shoulder girdle
Encourages the correct alignment of the fractured bone by pulling the shoulders backwards

Donning/fitting instructions

The Clavicula support is ready tu use. No measuring, cutting, padding and tying as with the traditional tubular support.
Pull straps B and C under the arms and through the appropriate slots 1 and 2. Adjust the straps at the back and fix the underside in place by pressing with the wrist / while exerting pressure with the wrist.
Put part A of the device over the head and place parts B and C over the shoulders.


Standard colours

Material components

Polyester, Cotton, Polyamide

Washing instructions

Care instructions
Close the hook and loop fasteners before washing. Soap residues can cause skin irritations material wear.
• Wash the product by hand, preferably using a medi clean detergent, or in delicate cycle at 30°C using a mild detergent without fabric conditioners.

• Do not bleach.
• Leave to dry naturally.
• Do not iron.
• Do not dry clean. 




Medical specifications


  • For positioning and immobilization of the collarbone:
  • Dislocations of the clavicle
  • Sprains and fractures of the clavicle


  • Constriction of the airways
  • Compression of the vascular nerve bundle

Absolute Contraindications

  • Constriction of the airways
  • Compression of the vascular nerve bundle

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