medi Shoulder sling

Shoulder joint support
  • Secure positioning of the shoulder in internal rotation
  • Easy access for wound inspection
  • Simple adjustment
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Shoulder joint support for immobilisation

The medi Shoulder sling is a shoulder joint support. The product is exclusively to be used for the or thotic fitting of the shoulder and only on intact skin.

Product features
  • Positioning of the shoulder- and elbow joint  in internal rotation to secure against unwanted joint movement.
  • stable fixation of the shoulder and upper arm.
  • Easy access for wound inspection.
  • Simple adjustment.
Intended purpose

Shoulder joint support for immobilising the shoulder in a defined position.


All indications requiring immobilization of the shoulder joint in internal rotation, such as:

  • Nonsurgical treatment after anterior shoulder dislocation and /or chronic subluxation
  • After rotator cuff repair
  • Acromioclavicular joint dislocation  (nonsurgical, postoperative)
  • Scapula fractures (nonsurgical, postoperative)
  • Proximal humeral fractures (nonsurgical, postoperative)
  • All indications that specifically require abduction and/ or external rotation
  • Nonsurgical and postoperative treatment of posterior shoulder luxation
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article numberR.030.G19
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