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Shoulder abduction brace

  • Improved anatomical upper arm abduction cushion
  • Forearm exercises through hand rest
  • Easy to put on and take off

 Medical specifications

Orthosis for immobilising the shoulder

The medi SAS comfort can be used for relieving the shoulder. This orthosis positions the arm in 15-degree-abduction. For example, this is required after a rotator cuff reconstruction (due to a torn tendon in the shoulder), after a surgical shoulder stabilisation or anterior shoulder dislocation.
This orthosis immobilises the shoulder. The ergonomic hand rest ensures early-stage functional therapy to train the forearm at the same time. The sophisticated strap system distributes the pressure across the entire shoulder and allows the orthosis to be put on and taken off independently.

New: In order to relieve the ulnar nerve (nerve on the inside of the upper arm) in a targeted manner, medi has enlarged and improved the anatomical upper arm section in the abduction cushion of the medi SAS comfort shoulder orthosis. In addition, a new, pleasantly soft inner material provides more wearing comfort. This supports the compliance with the therapy.


Product benefits

  • Stable position of the shoulder in 15° abduction

  • Relieves pressure on the subacromial space

  • Supports ventral limbus and capsule areas

Donning/fitting instructions

The orthosis is normally fitted for the first time in the operating theatre It should be put on and taken off on a table wherever possible. Please pay attention to the following tips:
The snap fasteners on the front of the cushion should be opened. The shoulder strap already lies on the table.
Place the arm that has been operated on in the open pocket.
Now close the pocket.
Pass the waist strap around your back and close the snap fastener.
Guide the uninjured arm through the loop and pull the belt over the shoulder as you would with a rucksack. Lock the buckle clip.
In order to prevent the arm from slipping out, please attach the additional hook and loop fastening.
If you have the feeling during the night that the arm or shoulder is not securely positioned, you can put a pillow under the brace or you can tighten the strap around the waist.
In principle, this product must be used under medical supervision. When it is applied for the first time, this must be under the instructions of trained and specialised personnel, such as an orthopaedic technician. If the support is individually fitted by a qualified person, this will ensure that it is effective and comfortable.
If it is to be used with other products, this must be discussed with the prescribing doctor.


Standard colours

Material components

PU foam, Polyamide

Washing instructions

The product should not be worn in water. Soap residues, lotions and ointments can cause skin irritation and material wear.
Pillow case, bag and straps can be washed by hand, preferably using medi clean washing agent, or in the washing machine with the delicate cycle at 30°C using mild detergent without fabric softener.

  • Do not bleach.
  • Leave to dry naturally.
  • Do not iron.
  • Do not dry clean.



S & L



Medical specifications


  • All indications requiring immobilization of the shoulder joint in abduction, such as:
  • After rotator cuff repair
  • After shoulder stabilization
  • After first-time anterior shoulder dislocation (nonsurgical)
  • Fractures of the humerus head (nonsurgical, postoperative)
  • After insertion of shoulder prosthesis
  • Postoperative treatment after acromioclavicular joint luxation
  • Biceps tendon tenodesis


  • All indications, where an abduction with more than 30° is needed

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