medi Humeral fracture brace plus

Orthosis for immobilisation of the upper arm
  • Easy to put on
  • Scalable strap system for pressure adjustment
  • Small abduction cushion for better healing
Product variety
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Suitable for
Men's sizing
Women's sizing
Material components
Polyamide, Polyester

The medi Humeral fracture brace plus - Shoulder orthosis for immobilisation of the humerus

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The medi Humeral fracture brace plus is a shoulder orthosis for immobilising the upper arm. It is suitable for preventing unwholesome and unnecessary movements of the humerus and is adjustable in one plane so that the arm is positioned at approximately 10 - 15 degrees.

The shoulder orthosis can be used for all indications that require immobilisation of the shoulder joint in an adjustable position, for example, in the treatment of proximal humerus fractures (conservative, postoperative). Also: after rotator cuff reconstruction, shoulder stabilisation surgery, anterior shoulder dislocation (conservative), postoperatively after AC joint dislocation and for follow-up treatment after biceps tendon tenodesis.

The medi Humeral fracture brace plus is available as a left and right version, each in four sizes - the small abduction cushion creates a hypomochlion of the humerus for better healing.

Product features
  • Easy to put on for patient (slip in and close)
  • X-ray possible due to plastic bars on upper arm
  • Small pillow under arm pit to create hypermochlion for better healing of fracture (pillow can be withdrawn of necessary)
  • Removable lower arm sling
Intended purpose

medi Humeral fracture brace plus is a shoulder joint brace for immobilization adjustable in one plane. 


All indications requiring immobilisation of the shoulder joint in a adjustable position, e.g.:

  • Treatment of proximal humeral head fractures (conservative, postoperative)
  • After rotator cuff recontruction
  • After shoulder stabiliziation surgery
  • Postoperative after AC joint rupture
  • Biceps tendon tenodesis
  • Luxation fractures
  • Open fractures
  • Fractures with vessel damage
  • All indications that require external rotation
medi Humeral fracture brace plus - Donning
Size table
circumference chest (cm)chC75 - 8586 - 9697 - 107108 - 120
article numberR0422◊2R0422◊3R0422◊4R0422◊5
◊ = fill in for orientation 2left
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