medi Posture plus force

medi Posture plus pants

Pants for posture correction 

  • Straightening of the pelvis through functional textiles
  • Improved posture through activation of muscles
  • Good posture becomes a habit

  Medical specifications

Pants for posture correction

medi Posture plus pants are pants that correct the position of the pelvis and the lumbar spine region. The product i to be used exclusively for treatment of the spine and is only intended for use on unbroken skin. 


How does it work?/Mode of action

  • The tension forces take effect on the angle of inclination of the pelvis and can have a positive influence on the position of the lumbosacral region.
  • You will feel the tension forces in the medi Posture plus pants and their pleasant impact on the pelvis.
  • The hook-and-loop fastening enables you to set the intensity of the circumferential compressive effect quickly and without interval, thus ensuring that the fit is comfortable for a wide variety of different anatomies.

Intended purpose

Pants for Posture correction.


Standard colours

Material components




Women: XS-XL
Men: S-XXL

Medical specifications


  • Pelvic anteversion (pelvic tilting)
  • Hyperlordosis that is duo to poor posture
  • Lumbar spinal stenosis
  • Conditions involving the sacroiliac joint


None known at present.

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medi Posture plus pants

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