“I am not alone with this illness.”

Tanya Gouraige, lipoedema patient

Tanya Gouraige

“I was diagnosed with lipoedema six months ago and have recently started wearing compression garments. I have always suffered from painful legs that are sensitive to pressure and hurt at night too. But I thought that was normal. One of my Instagram followers, who also had lipoedema, was concerned about my body shape and I took her advice to consult a specialist. This resulted in me being diagnosed with lipoedema. I really struggled with the diagnosis at first. I try to make the best of it now, though. I pay more attention to the signs my body gives me.

My contact with medi helps me to do this. The nice lady in the medical supply store asked me if I had any special requests for my compression garments. I wanted medi products because it is important to me for my compression trousers to fit perfectly and not limit my day-to-day life too much. I am very happy with my choice. I had to get used to wearing compression garments at first, of course, but I quickly noticed how much they help me and that I simply feel better with them.

Whilst researching lipoedema, I realised that I am not alone in suffering from this condition. I admire all the strong women who campaign for lipoedema to finally be recognised as an illness.”