“It is important for compression garments to fit like a second skin.”

Jürgen Jakob, lymphoedema patient

Jürgen Jakob

“When I was 13, I suddenly came down with a bad fever with shivering during the summer holidays. Both of my lower legs and feet were swollen and bright red. I now know that this was erysipelas, an acute infection. Back at home again, I went to a hospital where the doctors didn’t know about this illness and, instead, tried to remove the accumulation of water from my legs using painkillers and a garden hose. However, the swelling did not go away. I wore medical compression stockings every day from then on. It was some time later that I visited a clinic for lymphatic patients. As a man with primary lymphoedema, which is a congenital, inherited type of lymphoedema, my case was rare there.
This was a difficult time for me: I did not feel comfortable going out in shorts and swimming and sports classes were a form of torture, as was buying shoes. I was ashamed and did not want to accept that I had this illness. At that time medical compression stockings were only available in skin tones, or at least I thought so. I now try to ensure that my lymphoedema restricts me as little as possible. There are of course bad periods, for example 2018 when I had six more erysipelases. However, I try to lead a healthy lifestyle, complete my rehabilitation activities and wear my flat knit compression garments every day. In 2011, I had a car accident in which my patella tendon was torn. My lymphoedema worsened as a result of this and extended up to my upper leg. That is why I wear a thigh-length stocking on the left leg and a knee-length stocking on the right.

I like that the material of my mediven 550 compression products is strong, but still gives me lots of freedom in my everyday life, as well as the fact that the stockings come in bright colours and patterns. This variety makes it possible to find exactly what I want. Good support from the medical supply store is key for me in this process. I put on my stockings in the mornings after I shower and wear them all day. In order for me to be able to rely on my compression garments, good quality is important: The colours should remain vibrant and the stitching should stay in place for a long time when the items are washed every day. It is also important that compression garments fit like a second skin, move with you all the time and don’t pinch or slip.”