Breast reduction

Women with larger than average breasts and men with a female breast form (gynaecomastia) decide in favour of a breast reduction

Breast reduction

Often hereditary

During breast reduction surgery, the surgeon removes skin, fatty and glandular tissue and reshapes the breast with a natural contour. For a breast lifting procedure, the sagging breast is lifted and surplus skin removed. In both a reduction and lifting of the female breast, the doctor moves the nipple upwards to give the breast a firm and youthful appearance.

Although larger than average breasts are often hereditary, they can also grow due to hormonal changes or weight gain.

Besides physical symptoms such as pain in the chest, neck and back, eczema of the skin below the breast, postural problems with muscular tension and painful constriction by the bra straps, affected women often suffer from emotional problems such as depression.

 There are a number of surgical techniques available for breast reduction, which are all carried out in general anaesthesia.

As with breast augmentation, an elastic dressing must be applied around the chest after breast reduction surgery and the stitches are removed about two weeks later. Wearing a special bra that offers firm support day and night for about 4 – 6 weeks protects and stabilises the surgical outcome.