UCS Debridement

Wound debridement cloth

  • For chronic and acute wounds
  • Safe and simple to use
  • Cleans and improves skin conditions

Sterile, pre-moistened wound debridement cloth

Unique, convenient, safe system of care: UCS debridement is a pre-moistened single use cloth for effective wound debridement and cleaning of the surrounding leg area.


Product benefits

  • Unique, convenient, safe way to clean the leg and wound: Soft debridement cloth pre-moisturised with a mild cleansing solution which moisturises and softens without damaging healthy cells

  • Resource optimisation

  • Treat the leg, improve the life

  • No bucket required

  • Save time and improve outcomes

  • Odour reduction

  • Self-care plan

  • Cleans and improves skin conditions

  • Safe and simple to use

Intended purpose

UCS debridement is a class 2b sterile device that is recommended for use with cronic and acute wounds, ulcers of all types, pressure sores and 1st or 2nd degree burns. It acts immediately, does not inhibit granulation and is compatible with subsequent use of any type of dressing.

Why use UCS debridement?
Wound debridement at an early and appropriate stage is likely to accelerate wound healing and improve patient care. Effective debridement has been shown to be associated with reduced exudate, reduced odour and the appearance of granulation in the wound bed (Vowden & Vowden 2011).


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