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medi wins award for medical devices

Can you win a design prize with medical devices? Why not?

For decades, medi has attached great importance to producing medical devices with other attributes besides their efficacy. They should feel good when worn, look lovely and, if possible, remind people as little as possible that it’s a medical device. Because the ultimate aim is to give people better quality of life. This is why medi's focus extends far beyond the effect of the product. For example, with the mediven compression garments for men. Thanks to their design they don't look like a medical product, they look more like expensive men's socks – indispensible if men are going to like wearing them.

You will find more detailed information about the iF design award and iF International Forum Design GmbH at www.ifdesign.de.

Levamed stabili-tri modular ankle orthosis

Levamed stabili-tri modular ankle orthosis


Modular ankle orthosis

In 2015 the ankle orthosis Levamed stabili-tri did convince the high profile international jury. The modular orthosis combines medical effect and appealing design.

Levamed® stabili-tri - healing process in three phases

mediven for men & mediven active

mediven for men & mediven active


mediven for men & mediven active

medi submitted both the men's socks mediven for men and mediven active for the international iF design award. The international jury had no hesitation in awarding the renowned design price to both sock models. In 2011, mediven for men received the coveted seal for the categories design, innovation, material and finishing. This was followed in 2013 by mediven active.

mediven for men und mediven active

Please click for more information about mediven for men, mediven active and Levamed stabili-tri from medi.

Award-winning shape and function

iF has been the epitome of the successful combination of design and economy since 1953. iF's objective is to permanently heighten public awareness of design*. After all, good design means more than just a good look. What's far more important is the combination of clever functionality and an aesthetic external appearance. And the fact that this is even possible in the field of medical devices is proved by the presentation of the iF design award to medi's products.

* Source: www.ifdesign.de 

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