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Passion is the basis of top performance.

At medi, this means developing premium products with loving attention to detail and continually improving tried and proven medical aids.

Current examples include optimisations of the Epicomed and Genumedi PT soft supports as well as the medi lumbar support orthoses.

Genumedi PT and Genumedi PT extra wide

The ring-shaped silicone pads on the Genumedi PT and Genumedi PT extra wide knee supports are thinner, but unvaryingly effective. The soft support for treating patellofemoral pain syndrome clings more pleasantly to the knee.

Genumedi® PT knee support from medi


The Epicomed elbow soft support now moulds itself even more exactly to the patient's individual arm contours. This is made possible by the newly-developed stretching characteristics of the soft support. The user especially profits in the sensitive bending area from the softer surface feel and optimised comfort in wear.

Lumbar orthoses

All versions of the medi Lumbamed are now furnished with a softer and hence more pleasant fastening pad. Users will quickly appreciate the new fastener on the abdomen, especially when sitting. The effective compression effect is naturally retained.

Lumbamed facet – the back brace for osteoarthritis of the facet joints

You can order information for healthcare professionals for all medi supports and back braces from medi's Service-Centre: telephone +49 (0)921 912-977, email

Click here for more information about Genumedi PT, Epicomed and lumbar orthoses from medi.


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