medi ESS

Elbow positioning system

  • Safe and flexible positioning

Elbow positioning system for shoulder operations

The reliable support for safe and flexible positioning of the arm for beach-chair operations.


Product benefits

  • The flexible pans and the belt system allow fitting to different sizes of arm

  • The sterilizable Aquamid material and the belting allow reuse and are therefore efficient and cost-effective

  • The perforation in the elbow area allows the run-off of rising fluid

Goal setting

Open the two black fasteners and pull out the straps.
Place the bent elbow of the affected shoulder into a shell that fits.
Then place the second half of the shell over it.
Now guide the straps through the black fasteners, tighten the straps
and close the fasteners.
Note: The splint must not be closed too tightly to avoid possible blood stasis.
Now guide a cord through the eyelet of the locked strap in the direction
of the end of the operating table.
The cord should be guided downwards over a deflector or simply over an
edge and then attached to a weight (about 1.5 kg is sufficient).


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