“Compression garments are my splash of colour against a backdrop of grey.”

Stephanie Lüer, lipoedema patient

Stephanie Lüer

“Although I had sometimes heard about lipoedema previously, I never considered that it might be something I was personally suffering from. But when I kept getting bruises and my legs grew bigger and got tired more quickly, I finally went to see the doctor. It may sound strange, but the diagnosis was actually a relief. I finally knew why my body proportions were unusual. A lack of discipline was not the reason my legs were so big.

I am someone who never buries their head in the sand. Being a source of inspiration and a role model for others gives me great strength. Since then, compression garments have been a key part of my life. I don’t feel strong every day, of course. On the days I don’t feel so strong, the compression garments are “my splash of colour against a backdrop of grey”. I feel supported and secure in them.
It’s great that the flat knit compression stockings are available in various colours and designs. I wear skirts or dresses a lot more now to show off the great colours of my compression garments because they make a strong statement. I received excellent advice at the medical supply store: I had the opportunity to touch the materials and we worked together to select the flat knit stockings that were a perfect fit for me and my life.

I get great support from mediven mondi in my day-to-day life. Whether I am at uni, babysitting or at an event: My compression garments do everything with me, are wonderfully soft and fit perfectly. I would like to spread a message: Self-love. It is essential to accept and love your body how it is. Then everything else will fall into line too.”