Tested by pros.

Top athletes in the German Skiing Association put their trust in E⁺motion®

medi has been sponsoring the DSV since 2005 and annually supplies more than 500 athletes and accompanying staff of the German national ski teams with E+motion sport supports. CEP also provides the sport compression socks as official outfitter of the Biathlon and Nordic national teams.

Thanks to the high-tech materials from medi, the athletes enter competitions under the best conditions. 

Top athletes and E⁺motion®
Biathlete Vanessa Hinz

Vanessa Hinz

"I felt so happy and liberated as the gold medal came within my grasp, but the situation was still totally unreal! An indescribable feeling!"

Vanessa Hinz talking about her gold medal in the biathlon relay at Kontiolahti (Finland) in 2015

German Ski Association ski cross athletes put their trust in E⁺motion®

Besides the biathletes, cross-country skiers, Nordic combined skiers, ski jumpers and Alpine skiers, the German Ski Association's ski cross skiers are also equipped with medi's products. Ski cross is the latest trend in winter sports and demands a wide range of different skiing skills from the athletes. This young sport was first hosted at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games in Vancouver.

Ski cross is not about beating the clock, it's about beating real opponents. Four skiers compete against each other in each heat. They all start at the same time on a demanding parkour with moguls, jumps and many curves. The two fastest skiers go through to the next round. This knockout principle continues until the four best skiers compete against each other in the final race.

This direct contact with the opponents guarantees a spectacular race. Getting a good start is essential in ski cross, because the skier who gets off to the best start and takes the lead is difficult to overtake. This is why the seconds before the start signal are especially exciting for the athletes: skiers into the gate, focus, muscles tense up - and then they're off!

German Ski Association ski cross athletes put their trust in E⁺motion®
Heidi Zacher and Daniela Maier
Ski cross

Heidi Zacher and Daniela Maier

"That's why I'm called Heidi – because my whole life revolves around the mountains! :-)"

Ski cross skier Heidi Zacher

"What I find so fascinating about ski cross? Excitement, fun, action and plenty of goose bumps! Skiers into the gate - and then you're off!"

Ski cross skier Daniela Maier

Living life to the limit with E⁺motion

The Swiss professional alpinist Stephan Siegrist has been a medi testimonial since 2012 and tests the products in situations that cannot be reproduced in any factory or development department. Whether on a highline stretching between the peaks of the Matterhorn, climbing rock walls in the Bernese Alps or on expeditions in Patagonia or Kashmir, the loads that he and his equipment must tolerate are extreme.

His experiences with medi supports serve as valuable information for our developers. They help us make medi products even better. Ultimately, the most important target group should be the ones who benefit: our users. 

Stephan Siegrist
Stephan Siegrist

Stephan Siegrist

"Mountaineers' knees are wearing parts so to speak. I particularly notice my knees after long descents with a heavy rucksack. Which is why I also regularly rely on Genumedi E+motion as a preventive measure on expeditions. I can really feel the relief of pressure on my knees and it gives me more stability too – and, with it, a certain sense of security, which is decisive for mountaineering.

So I can concentrate entirely on the essential aspect of mountaineering: the experience!"

Professional alpinist and extreme sportsman Stephan Siegrist

High-tech for peak performance

Top performers trust in E⁺motion®

medi has been the main and title sponsor of the German basketball league team medi bayreuth since 2013. Skilful moves, accurate throws and quick reflexes – the team from medi Bayreuth demonstrates these strengths on the court.

Players like Kenneth Horton and Daniel Mullings wear the E+motion sports supports and the CEP sports compression socks both in training and during league games. The products with their functional properties offer perfect support when top performance really matters.

The pros also profit here from the Grip+ feature, among other things. With its silicone dot coating, it ensures that the support fits perfectly without slipping. The soft and very thin support fabric (Sport+) also guarantees very high comfort in wear, even in extreme sporting situations.

Top performers trust in E⁺motion

European champion relies on E⁺motion®

Jeannette Bellhäuser has been competing with the national team since 2009, but she actually started learning karate at the tender age of 10. Her first contact with the sport was when she attended a self-defence course to give her more self-confidence. She was fascinated by martial arts, so she began karate and stuck with it - eventually it became an integral part of her life. She got better and better and ultimately joined the group of elite karate athletes.

Jeannette Bellhäuser lives in Bayreuth, where she is studying sports economics, and trains at the karate centre (Japan Karate Association in Germany) run by the national base trainer Henry Landeck.

Her participation in the national team has already taken her all over Europe, from London to Prague and to Belgium - and from success to success. A once in a lifetime highlight was her trip to the World Championship in distant Japan in 2014, because Japan is the home of karate and hence has a very special significance for every karateist.

Jeannette Bellhäuser's greatest successes to date were third place in the 2014 World Championships in Tokyo and the European Championship title in 2015 in Prague. In April 2016, she successfully defended the European title with the German karate team (Sara Baradaran from Karlsruhe and Melissa Rathmann from Remagen) at the European Championships in Dublin.

Photograph (from right to left) Mellissa Rathmann, Sara Baradaran and Jeannette Bellhäuser celebrate their 2015 European Championship title. Source: PSV

Karateist Jeannette Bellhäuser
Jeannette Bellhäuser
European karate champion

Jeannette Bellhäuser

"I was very happy and proud to be allowed to take part in the World Championship in the country where karatedō originated. The shouts of encouragement and the moment it was clear we would win a medal, no matter what else happened, was 100% goose bumps.

The European Championship title made all my hard training worthwhile. I was prepared for everything and anything, so I was always a step ahead."

European karate champion Jeannette Bellhäuser talking about her titles in 2014, 2015 and 2016