Genumedi® E⁺motion® knee support

"Acrobatics are my life, I just love being on the stage. And that overwhelming feeling after a perfect show is best of all."

Lukas, professional acrobat

Genumedi E⁺motion

Special features of Genumedi® E⁺motion®

  1. Grip+

    • Integrated silicone dot coating for a firm hold.
  2. Sport+

    • New, even more elastic fabric for easy donning and high comfort in wear – during sports as well.
  3. Massage+

    • Compressive fabric and new silicone quartz pad with 3D profile reduce swelling.
  4. Patella+

    • Maximum relief of the patella.* The pressure exerted on the kneecap by Genumedi is less than 40 mmHg. This is why medi's knee brace has considerably lower figures than the comparator products tested.

    * Comparative test by the Institute for Medical Physics, University of Erlangen / Nuremberg (2009).

  5. Design+

    • Sporty design – inspired by CEP.
Genumedi® E⁺motion®

Mode of action

  1. Genumedi's integrated silicone insert relieves strain on the patella.
  2. In combination with the compression generated by the knit, the soft support has a massage effect.
  3. This increases the circulation within the joint to break down swelling and effusion more effectively, it also relieves irritation and pain.
  4. Muscular control is improved, which helps the body to stabilise the knee joint.
Genumedi E⁺motion mode of action

Detailed view

Discover Genumedi E⁺motion in a 360° rotating product view!

Click and hold the left mouse button – then simply move the mouse evenly from left to right, or vice versa, over the 360° product image to see all the aspects of our new knee support.

Applying and removing Genumedi® E⁺motion®

Applying Genumedi® E⁺motion®

Step 1

Hold the Genumedi E+motion with your thumbs inside the upper ends of the silicone topbands.

Step 2

Pull the support up over your knee until the pad is centred, pressure-free, on the kneecap.

Step 3

To remove the support, simply pull on the lateral stays and slip the support down over your calf.

Technologies used

Comfort Zone

Comfort Zone

In particularly sensitive flexor regions (e.g. instep), a special knitting technique is used to make the knit softer and more elastic.

Clima Fresh

Clima Fresh

The Clima Fresh function is integrated in all knitted supports, it has an antibacterial action and ensures fibre-deep hygiene.

Clima Comfort

Clima Comfort

Dynamic microclimate exchange with the skin thanks to the unique and breathable construction of the knit and the yarns used. Moisture is absorbed from the skin and actively transported outwards through the knit.

Genumedi E⁺motion
Genumedi® E⁺motion®

Further product information

Sizes: Available in sizes II – VI

Medical device number:

Product details
Genumedi® E⁺motion® medical devices

Medical device meets Lifestyle

With E+motion, from two worlds fuses into a sensational support collection. Over 60 years' experience in the development of compressive premium products meet the sporty design of CEP. This has culminated in a medical device and a lifestyle product in one, which combines medical efficacy with exclusive features in a sporty look. Experience a new dimension of premium quality. Experience E+motion. For all those who expect more from a medical device.