The nationwide fit & healthy campaign from medi and the surgical appliance retailer Aktuell AG attracted crowds of onlookers and many participants.



Since April, over 50,000 spectators and around 13,000 active participants from all over Germany have been streaming to the fit & healthy campaign RUNNING MOVES from medi and the surgical appliance retailer Aktuell AG. "At company runs, health fairs, town festivals and branch openings, we invited people to give their health a short break" said Martin Sprödhuber, Head of Key Account Medical National at medi GmbH & Co. KG. "We are overwhelmed by the huge numbers of visitors, who actually took us up on our invitation and were motivated to take part in our campaign modules. The modules include free health checks, the energy bar with refreshing drinks and the lucky code game, in which the participants can scoop up prizes worth over €25,000 by the end of the year.

Health offensive celebrates hill festival

However, the great highlight of the RUNNING MOVES events is a very special running competition: neither strength nor endurance are needed on the treadmill, but simply an awareness of your own body. The runners have to hit the finishing line at 200m as accurately as possible without looking at the display or at any other aid such as watches or clocks. The spectrum of competitors in Rostock, Krefeld or Bayreuth ranged from young to old and from sporty to unfit. At some of the sites, older participants were good for some surprises when, to the astonishment of the young athletes, they decided the competition in their own favour thanks to their experience, calm and composure. There were also one or two celebrity faces among the runners, such as the German football league legend Friedhelm Funkel, the Olympic bronze medalist swimmer Anne Poleska and a number of mayors.

"RUNNING MOVES shows just how easy it is to lead an active life", explained Professor Ingo Froböse MD, the health expert from the German TV channel ARD and patron of the series of events. "All possible forms of movement – such as hiking, walking or jogging – are simple ways of keeping fit and staying healthy. The main thing is that you move around". The series of events hosted by medi and partners will be moving on to Cologne, Bernburg, Mannheim and many other towns in the second half of the season.

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In all their various forms, walking and running are synonymous with enjoyment and well-being, fitness and dynamism. Against this background, medi, together with the Aktuell AG surgical appliance retailer, LMC, Traumeel, Medisana, promed, Schein, JAKO, U.N.O. Sports and Dextro Energy, has been inviting people from all over Germany to actively experience their body, mind and soul as well as a feeling of well-being under the motto RUNNING MOVES. About half a million people, of whom over 100,000 have actively taken part, accepted the invitation in the first four years of the tour. The Aktuell AG surgical appliance retailer with over 480 member companies at 700 locations has been a strong partner for the whole spectrum of care in the healthcare sector for over 30 years.

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