Travel socks

Whether travelling on holiday or on a business trip

Compression stockings can reduce the risk of traveller's thrombosis

Especially on long journeys there is a risk of travellers thrombosis. The reasons for this include; prolonged immobilization, giving rise to venostasis. Sitting with the knee flexed and insufficient fluid intake will add to the problem.

In certain groups, such as elderly or overweight people, pregnant women, or people with a family history of venous disorders, the probability is particularly high.

Travel socks with graduated compression, such as medi travel, can prevent traveller's trhombosis. Venous blood flow is increased and valve function is maintaned, so that venous hypertension and oedema formation are limited and deep thromboses in the leg veins can be avoided.

medi travel - travel compression socks effective support for people with healthy veins (available without a prescription)

  • medi travel women: semi-transparent, attractive below-knee sock
  • medi travel men: opaque fine-ribbed below-knee sock
  • Very quick and easy donning
  • Soft, skin-friendly material

mediven plus - effective support for travellers with a history of venous disorders:

  • mediven plus in the case of moderate to severe venous disorders or varicose veins or after thromboses
  • Beneficial particularly in the case of sensitive or very large thighs
  • Soft, durable and opaque material

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