Healthy legs during pregnancy

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Pregnancy and venous disorders

Pregnancy is often accompanied by venous disorders, varicose veins and an increased risk of thrombosis. One of the causes is the increased production of progesterone and oestrogen. Progesterone acts to dilate the veins, which slows down venous blood return.

At the same time, more water accumulates in the tissues due to the increased production of oestrogens. The result: the connective tissues dilate further still. The weight gain and increased blood volume resulting from the pregnancy further increases the pressure on the veins in the legs.

Consequently, the risk of a venous disorder should be established as early as possible. 

What can you do as a physician?

  • Inspect the legs of your pregnant patients at every screening appointment
  • Swollen legs may also be a warning of pre-eclampsia
  • Medical compression stockings are particularly beneficial as prophylaxis or for existing varicosis in pregnancy
  • Application of the correct pressure allows the venous valves to function correctly and aids the return of blood to the heart

Compression stockings during pregnancy

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