Donning and doffing prescribed compression stockings properly

For simple handling of compression garments

The medi Butler donning aid makes it easier for your patients to put on compression pantyhose and compression garments for their arms and legs.

The medi Butler's stability offers a high degree of safety. It helps your patients put on their compression stockings more easily, more comfortably and more quickly. The medi butler is a practical helper in everyday life, particularly for older patients with restricted mobility or other limitations. It is available in various models (and is prescribable for the appropriate indications).

Doffing aids from medi

The medi Butler Off doffing aid complements the medi Butler perfectly. It can be used to take off compression garments effortlessly, thereby relieving strain on the back and saving energy. The medi Butler Off works on the principle of the shoehorn, and is suitable for both right-handed and left-handed users. Older patients, in particular, value the benefits of the medi Butler Off, as it enables them to take off their compression stockings without help from others.

medi's 2-in-1 is the ideal donning and doffing aid for your younger or more mobile patients. The smooth, high-quality material is highly tear resistant, has gliding properties and enables compression garments to be put on and taken off quickly. The donning and doffing aid is always close at hand and takes up only little space when folded up – the ideal travelling companion.

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