Donning aids in thrombosis prophylaxis

Our patented donning aid, the mediven hospital butler, allows patients and care staff to put on mediven thrombexin anti-embolism stockings and mediven struva

Donning aids in thrombosis prophylaxis

Donning and doffing aids for MTPSs and anti-embolism stockings from medi

They prevent pain when donning the garments and wound dressings do not slip. They also prevent damage to the garment.

Donning aid suitable for hospital stockings


  • simple handling
  • time-saving and economical for patients
  • pain-free application of thrombosis prophylaxis stockings and anti-embolism stockings
  • also for use with calf injuries
  • sterilisable version available specially for the operating theatre
  • adjustable diameter, hard paint finish, white

And here's how it's done:

  • Measure: accurate measurements for the stocking guarantee the best possible medical care for the patient.
  • Choose: the ankle size determines the size and thus the selection of the correct stocking. By lifting the locking device, the diameter of the medi Hospitalbutler can be adjusted so it can be pulled up over the patient’s ankle, or calf, if necessary, without contact.
  • Adjust the stocking: the topband is gathered up over the stirrup and the stocking pulled up until the colour mark appears at the upper edge of the stirrup.
  • Hold the stocking: when putting the stocking on, hold it until the colour marking reaches the patient's heel.
  • Slide the medi Hospitalbutler upwards: now let go of the stocking and slide the mediven Hospitalbutler over the ankle and - if possible - up to just below the patient's knee. Pull the Hospitalbutler down away from the patient's leg.
  • Finish applying the stocking: pull the stocking up towards the inguinal fold, the tension you exert determines the length of the stocking.
  • Inspect: check that the stocking fits exactly and make sure no wrinkles have formed.
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