The future is medigital

medi at the OTWorld 2018

A prominent brand ambassador, individual patient treatment concepts and digital solutions for today and tomorrow: medi presents new products, plenty of entertainment and powerful interactive highlights at this year’s OTWorld 2018 in Leipzig. The medical device manufacturer’s motto this year is: the future is medigital.

medi at the OTWorld 2018

Product highlights and digital services for medical retailers and end consumers

medi is presenting highlights in the fields of Lymphology, Phlebology, Orthopaedics, Footcare and Wound Care at a stand covering 526 square metres. The focus in 2018 is above all on digital services for medical retailers – and end consumers. For instance, the medical device manufacturer in Bayreuth is presenting an app1 for patients with lipoedema and lymphoedema that will be a useful companion in everyday life. Among other features, it has video instructions for physical exercises, hints and tips on how to use products and on nutrition as well as fashion inspiration. Frequently asked questions are answered in a help section. This supports medical retailers after clients have been given the initial basic information. The app also promotes patient treatment compliance, for example, by reminding them to organise a replacement or repeat provision.

Other digital tools, such as the medi insider app which provides information on the causes of disorders, indications, products and accessories, offer medical retailers considerable added value in their client consultations. Moreover, medical retailers can easily order customised client mailings, display packages and display elements through medi’s online marketing centre1.

Central topic in phlebology

Individual patient care

The Phlebology division is presenting the mediven care compass for venous diseases, a particularly helpful tool for medical retailers. This shifts the focus onto individual patient care, as it lists the significant criteria that should be taken into consideration when choosing the garment material. Beside the patient’s indication, this also includes their weight and susceptibility to phleboedema and the structure of their connective tissues. 

Flachstrick-Farben in 2018

Lymphology: catering more closely to patients’ wishes

In 2018, oedema will be treated with floral, pastel-coloured mediven flat knit stockings, which convince even more with an additional range of functional accessories. For instance, medi is presenting the knee function zone for its flat knit model mediven 550 leg, which offers more comfort in wear when sitting or on the move, such as when cycling. The special knitted fabric tightens in the hollow of the knee as it bends and, at the same time, stretches over the kneecap. The elbow function zone for mediven 550 arm works on the same principle. The varus toe ease zone2 for mediven 550 leg reduces the feeling of pressure for patients with this indication.

Lilac and Pink are the new fresh flat knit colours in 2018. They can be combined with various patterns from the mediven Fashion-Element range – for example, with the new Fashion-Element Flower – putting them directly in the spotlight. The idea for this pattern comes from the brush of the patient Ursula Thomé, who won medi’s creative competition. It was clear from the beginning for medi: the winning motif will also be launched on the market and presented at the OTWorld in Leipzig.

Colours and patterns in oedema treatment

E+motion® soft supports for active people

medi is presenting the next generation of E+motion soft supports at OTWorld 2018: the new E+motion Performance Collection for knees, backs, elbows, ankles and wrists is aimed primarily at active people, who participate in sports and have an interest in fashion. But the collection is also suitable for those who, for example, move around a great deal or are exposed to extreme stresses and strains at work.

The soft supports are distinguished by their particularly high flexibility and stability. Highly elastic yarns enable every E+motion soft support to stretch during extreme movements, but also to return exactly to its original shape afterwards. Thanks to their compact, sheer mesh structure, the soft supports offer a firm hold and stabilise the joints perfectly. The active knitted fabric is particularly breathable and transports moisture quickly away from the skin. The soft support stays pleasantly dry. The integrated Merino fibre also acts to regulate temperature: it keeps warm in winter and cools in the summer. The new extra-large comfort zones over the sensitive flexor regions now offer even more freedom of movement and improved comfort, for example, in the hollow of the knee when wearing the Genumedi E+motion.

E+motion® soft supports: medi's Performance Collection
E+motion Bandagen: Hohe Flexibilität und Stabilität
M.4s OA Knieorthesen medi Physiotherapie

Products for the management of osteoarthritis of the knee

When treating osteoarthritis of the knee, it is important to match products and treatment concepts exactly to the different patient needs. This is why medi is presenting a holistic product range for this indication. The new knee orthoses medi soft OA light and medi soft OA as well as the M.4s OA, which has already been tried-and-tested in the treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee, support individual, guideline-compliant patient care. Patient-specific factors, such as intensity of pain, activity, deformity, instability and degree of osteoarthritis, are particularly in the foreground when selecting the right medical device. The orthoses work according to the well-established 3-point pressure relief principle and ensure effective relief on the affected side of the knee joint – while at the same time offering high comfort in wear.

Knee braces from medi
Footcare: holistic solutions

New analysis tools by Yellow & Blue

The Footcare division is presenting two new products in the field of analysis tools: the insole pressure measuring system Insolemedic and the Gomedic 3D foot scanner. These are being sold by medi as part of a sales cooperation agreement with the company Yellow & Blue. The product Insolemedic makes biomechanical and postural analysis3 possible. It records the distribution of pressure on the sole of the foot and delivers results on the relative forces, foot status and on the rollover process. The acquired data are transmitted in real time by Bluetooth. The advantage: the system can be integrated in gait analysis and stores data on everyday movements. This analysis tool also has a video function add-on. The Gomedic 3D high-definition, optoelectronic foot scanner tool generates three dimensional images of the physiology of the foot – and this within a matter of seconds.

New analysis tools by Yellow & Blue
CAD-Einlagenrohlinge für die individuelle Einlagenversorgung
Footcare: holistic solutions

Milled insoles - a solution for virtually every foot

medi is also presenting its CAD range that is spilt into two product lines. The milled insoles offer a solution for virtually every foot. The medi CAD Classic insole blanks are available as five basic models, each with its own individual topography. They are suitable for special demands in sports, for supporting children’s feet or for feet stressed in day-to-day life. On request, these are also available with an additional stiffening layer that stabilises the midfoot area. The CAD Dynamic product line consists of blanks from the CAD Classic series that are customised according to the outcome of a computer-assisted analysis of the results of the patient’s foot analysis. On request, these can be supplemented by product add-ons, such as backings or cover materials.


medi’s Rigidus f-tec

medi has also expanded the range of Rigidus f-tec insoles by adding a hallux rigidus insole4. The rigidus layer is made of fibreglass and is particularly dimensionally stable and firm. It ensures that the foot stores the energy used for its rollover movement and the fibreglass spring releases the energy again during rollover. This naturally absorbs the impact at foot strike, supports the rollover process and tangibly relieves the stresses exerted on the painful big toe. medi’s Rigidus f-tec is available in different variants, for example, in a slim form for office shoes. 

medi erweitert das Einlagensortiment um eine Hallux-rigidus-Einlage

Further information

Further information is available under the telephone number:  +49 (0) 921 912-0



1 only available in Germany
2 The bunion is a common deformation of the outside of the foot. It is caused by malalignment of the outer midfoot bone. The ball of the small toe protrudes outwards and causes pain on pressure.
3 Biomechanical analyses are analyses of the individual gait phases. Postural analyses provide results on the body’s posture.
4 Hallux rigidus is a degenerative, arthritic disease. The toe is stiff and hurts when walking. Rollover is made more difficult. This may result in complete stiffening of the joint or painful bone proliferation.