Analyse incorrect foot positioning

Tools for professional insole provision

Analyse incorrect foot positioning

Orthopaedic insoles: Very beneficial for patients

According to a survey conducted by the Allensbach Institute for Public Opinion Research on behalf of the eurocom manufacturers’ association, orthopaedic shoe insoles are very beneficial for patients: 78 per cent of those surveyed said they felt less pain or relief from discomfort thanks to their orthopaedic insoles.1 An important prerequisite for the therapy to be a success is for patients to be provided with the correct insoles. The basis for this is a foot or gait analysis. medi cooperates with the company Yellow & Blue, which provides analytical tools for static and dynamic measurement of incorrect foot positioning and postural defects. Anika Riedel, managing director of Yellow & Blue, explains the advantages of the individual modules and their use in specialist trade.

Yellow & Blue: Analytical tools for the static and dynamic measurement of incorrect foot positioning and postural defects

medi has worked with Yellow & Blue since 1 March 2017: Like medi, Yellow & Blue is based in Bayreuth and provides orthopaedic analytical and milling technology. All Yellow & Blue products and measuring systems are distributed by medi and marketed under the “medi powered by Yellow & Blue” co-branding label.

Expanded range in the foot care sector

Thanks to this collaboration, medi has expanded its range in the foot care sector and now provides specialist retailers with analytical tools for the static and dynamic measurement of incorrect foot positioning and postural defects. Scientific analysis is quick and easy to carry out, and also provides detailed results for assessment. For example, it provides information on foot geometry, the gait cycle, load-bearing zones and lines of force2.

medi provides the following modules and measuring systems:

  • Pedomedic: The pressure measuring system conducts static and dynamic measurements, as well as biomechanical gait analyses according to Kirsten Götz-Neumann3. The largest pressure measurement plate is 1.80 metres long and 0.50 metres wide.
  • Gomedic: There are two 2D scanners available, which display static foot impressions in seconds and can withstand up to 180 kilograms. They measure data such as foot length and width, the arch of the foot and metatarsal angle4.
  • Podomedic: The podoscope with camera provides a static foot impression in just a few seconds. It provides results on postural defects and pain.

        With the medi analytical tools, orthopaedic technicians can detect incorrect foot positioning or postural problems and give their customers the best possible advice. The modules can be operated quickly and easily. Training on practical use for beginners and advanced users is available on request. Other advantages are the automatically generated reports and integrated appointment management. Retailers receive free support for one year when purchasing the medi analytical tools. Annual licencing fees are not applicable. Specialist retailers who already use another manufacturer’s 2D scanner can use this in combination with the medi modules.

        See the medi analytical tools brochure for more information on measuring incorrect foot positioning.

        Interview with Anika Riedel, managing director of Yellow & Blue

        ‘We have found that customers are happy to pay more for their insoles if they are specially tailored to fit them.’

        Discover the potential of the innovative analytical tools of Yellow & Blue for your health care store. Reach new target groups and expand your clientele base. Establish a new area of expertise and set yourself apart from the competition: Word gets around when a retailer conducts comprehensive measurements for incorrect foot positioning, postural defects and gait analysis. This strengthens their area of expertise and local reputation, and also helps to consolidate and expand their customer base.

        And: Benefit from professional marketing for this new offer.

        Anika Riedel, managing director of Yellow & Blue, reveals how this works

        in her interview.


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